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The critical edition of Donizetti's operas is slowly being achieved but where operas have not been yet edited there are often good modern editions from other sources. Many are listed below together with scores for some non operatic works. The Fondazione Donizetti have an extensive (but not completely comprehensive) list of who owns what editions at .

Critical editions of Donizetti's operas

The creation of the Edizione critica  delle opere di Gaetano Donizetti is now underway under the general editorship of Gabriele Dotto and Roger Parker but their publication is proving quite a lengthy process. The current status is given below.They are published by Ricordi together with separately available full and vocal scores.

Maria Stuarda Anders Wiklund, ed.
Il campanello Ilaria Narici, ed.
La Favorite Rebecca Harris Warrick, ed.
Poliuto William Ashbrook and Roger Parker, eds.
Le convenienze ed inconvenienze teatrali Roger Parker and Anders Wiklund, eds
Dom Sébastien Mary Ann Smart,ed.
Linda di Chamounix Gabriele Dotto, ed.
Deux Hommes et une femme (Rita) Paolo Rossini, ed. with Francesco Bellotto
Pia de'Tolomei Giorgio Paganone, ed.
Betly Ellen Lockhart and Julia Lockhart, eds.
Maria di Rohan Luca Zoppelli, ed
Anna Bolena Paolo Fabbri,ed.
 Les Martyrs Flora Willson, ed.,
Available for hire for performance
Lucrezia Borgia Roger Parker, ed.
Adelia Roger Parker, ed.
Lucia di Lammermoor Gabriele Dotto and Roger Parker, eds.
In Preparation
La Fille du régiment / La figlia del reggimento Claudio Toscani, ed.
Don Pasquale Gabriele Dotto and Roger Parker, eds.


Donizetti Society editions of Donizetti operas

The Donizetti Society is able to offer the score and parts for L'esule di Roma, edited by Ian Schofield. Email the Donizetti Society chairman, Alexander Weatherson  ( ) or for details. The vocal score includes the "prison scene" that was missing from the previous edition.


Fondazione Donizetti editions of Donizetti operas

The Fondazione Donizetti can provide scores of Don GregorioMarino FalieroParisina and Pietro il Grande edited by Maria Chiara Bertieri and of Gemma di Vergy edited by Livio Aragona. They also have a list of who owns what editions at


Opera Rara editions of Donizetti operas

Opera Rara have usually produced their own editions for the operas they record.  These editions may be hired from Edition Peters. Edition Peters main site also offers many other scores for sale.


Other editions of Donizetti operas

Otos (search on Donizetti) offer vocal scores of Betly, Don Sebastiano, Le Convenienze Teatrali, Il Furioso all'isola di San Domingo,  I Pazzi per Progetto,  Il Giovedi Grasso,  Olivo e Pasquale and Parisina d’Este. Also the cantata Cristoforo Colombo.

The Loeb Music Library at Harvard is digitizing their 19th century score collection.  It has, so far,  done around 10 Donizettis and quite a few Meyerbeers plus, at the moment, one from Bellini, Verdi, Spontini, Auber, Rossini and Winter. The best way to find them is to go to and put the composer’s name in the Creator box at the top of the screen and tick the box which restricts results to works that have digital objects.   They also do a blog but that’s less straightforward to find a particular work or composer  unless they’re actually listed on the right hand side of the screen.

Casa Musicale Sonzogno offers Il diluvio universale, Il fortunato inganno and La zingara

A performing version score and parts of Belisario was created by Ottavio Sbragia  and used by the  A.J. Fletcher Institute and North Carolina School of Arts in their 2005 production, see or email

When Buenos Aires Lirica produced Belisario in 2010, Juan Casasbellas created a reduced score of the opera, which is now available for hire.  More details on the score here.

There are a number of sites for tracing or buying old editions of scores and some can be downloaded free of charge. They include:- (click on "composer name" at the top of the page and then on "D" and finally on "Donizetti")



All the librettos of Donizetti's opera (in their original languages) can be down loaded from includes the librettos of most of Donizetti's operas. includes many Donizetti opera librettos., search on Donizetti. Includes a synopsis of each opera but not always a libretto. holds links to librettos in a number of languages

Otos (search on Donizetti) offer librettos of Don Sebastiano,  Le Convenienze Teatrali,  I Pazzi per Progetto,  Il Giovedi Grasso, Olivo e Pasquale and Parisina d’Este. Lim Antiqua in Lucca ( offer a large catalogue of libretti for sale. See here includes links to various online libretto sites. has librettos of a number of operas together with the author's English translations.

A number of,  usually 19th, century librettos, some with English or French translations, can be found at

Opera Rara have started to include librettos and English translations online for works that they are recording. Their most recent is one of Donizetti's Les Martyrs, available here.  Similarly Dynamic  and other companies, including Naxos, although they do not all have an English translation. The Classical Shop ( offers a number of CD booklets for download (search on Libretto).

English translations of several of the more well known Donizetti operas, including Anna Bolena, Betly, Daughter of the Regiment,  Don Pasquale,  The Elixir of Love,  Lucia di Lammermoor,  Lucrezia Borgia, Maria Padilla, Mary Stuart,  Roberto Devereux and The Tutor in a Tangle (L'Ajo Nell' Imbarazzo) can be obtained from:- then click on "LIBRETTI".


Scores of some of Donizetti's non operatic works

John Stewart Allitt, Iris Dell ' Acqua, Sally Thomas, Ian Caddy, Donizetti's Songs written in the base clef, is a booklet of the texts, translations into English, analyses and comments on the songs. It is available from Caddy Publishing, email

Scores for G. Donizetti, String Quartets 7, 13, 18, Introduzione per archi and Or che le notte invita (song), are also available from Caddy Publishing, email  

A score for his string quintet can be found at,_Gaetano) and for string quartet no. 18 at

Edition Peters has an extensive collection of  scores of instrumental works of Donizetti  ( search on "Donizetti") as do Boccaccini & Spada.

Dr. Thomas Lindner has made available the librettos of Donizetti's early cantata, Aristea and Sarti's Zenoclea, see

Musica Aperta, Bergamo has a good listing of scores of mainly religious works.


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