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Dedicated websites for Composers Contemporary with Donizetti

The following sites are devoted to particular composers of Donizetti's era.  Please email:-  with any new sites. includes information on both the lives and operas of several major opera composers including Donizetti (in Italian). includes pages on the history of several bel canto composers as well as pages on some of the works.

Details of many Donizetti and others' operas may be found on the Italian Opera site .

Bellini - - site devoted to Bellini (in Italian)

Donizetti - The Fondazione Donizetti, Bergamo, is the main academic institution devoted to Donizetti. Its website  has comprehensive lists of recordings and other material is planned on both Donizetti and Mayr.  - the Teatro Donizetti, Bergamo site (in Italian)

Mayr -, the site of the Internationale Simon-Mayr-Gesellschaft devoted to promoting understanding, performance and research of Mayr's works (in German and Italian).  The Fondazione Donizetti site  has comprehensive lists of recording and books on Mayr.

Mercadante - There does not appear to be a dedicated site at this time.

Meyerbeer -  the  Meyerbeer fan club site with an interest also in Auber and Halévy has migrated to Facebook -

Pacini -  It includes excerpts from Pacini operas, a list of his works, articles on Pacini and a translation of  his Le mie memorie artistiche.  This replaces .

Rossini - - the Rossini Gesellschaft Switzerland site (in German and Italian). - the site of the annual Pesaro festival dedicated to Rossini's works and the associated Accademia Rossiniana

Verdi - Amici di Verdi UK - UK based society devoted to Verdi - official site of the association of Amici di Verdi (in Italian)

The American Institute of Verdi Studies is a focus for Verdi activities in the US.  Their Journal, The Verdi Forum, has many scholarly articles, all of which, bar those from the most recent edition, can be downloaded.


Sites of Operatic Interest has a number of links to several interesting opera topics.

Details of all Metropolitan Opera performances can now be found by looking at the database on .

Playbill Arts,,  includes articles and news on opera, including photographs from some productions. advertises forthcoming musical events as well as hosting articles and reviews. It  distributes a monthly newsletter

Opera Nostalgia concentrates on past singers and performances. , and have news, reviews and articles on opera. You need to subscribe to get access to much of the last two sites. have details of opera broadcasts on the web as well as information on the New York based Vocal Records Collecting Society.

The Bel Canto Society has some interesting articles as well as selling a range of operatic and vocal material

Geerd Heinsen, the Society's German representative, has started a new website with articles, news and reviews about opera.

There are now innumerable sites devoted to singers.  Many current ones have their own sites which can usually be found by googling their names.  However, there are a number of more general sites including , which has a wealth of material on divas.

The Donizetti Society chairman now has his own web site with a list of his articles, mainly from the Society's newsletter, some of which can be downloaded -

General opera blogs include:-



There are now many sites offering recordings and videos of singers and opera performances  including:- and . is focussed on performances of works by Donizetti.

Truesound Transfers ( ) based in Berlin offer a range of recordings of historic singers.

Anyone interested in the career and recordings of Beverly Sills may want to look at . Unfortunately, it is not the easiest site to find your way round but if you go to MUSIC ROOMS in the side bar, you’ll find a number of links to pages of her recordings.  The recordings are down at the bottom of each page including many live recordings not previously available.

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