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The Donizetti Society occasionally publishes a journal of learned articles, often but not exclusively in English, devoted to aspects of Donizetti’s career. Thus far, seven Journals have been published.

Donizetti Society Journals 2 to 7 are still available for purchase here.   Second hand copies are sometimes available at , or .  Scans of material of short Journal articles can be made available. Please contact  for details. 


Journal No. 1, 1974

Journal No. 2, 1975

Journal No. 3, 1977 - Donizetti's Maria Stuarda

Journal No. 4, 1980 - Donizetti in Revival

Journal No.5, 1984

Journal No. 6, 1988 - Donizetti and his contemporaries

Journal No. 7, 2002 - Donizetti and France



Journal No.1, 1974

Editor: John Watts

John Watts                               Editorial         -   p.5

John S. Allitt                             Introduction    -  p.9

John S. Allitt                             Maria Stuarda -   p.17

John Watts                               Maria Stuarda in performance -   p. 41

Jan de Schaap                          Il borgomastro di Saardam   -   p.51

John S. Allitt                             L'amor coniugale -  p. 59

Newell Jenkins                          Medea in Corinto -  p.81

Gaicomo Antonini                      Donizetti & Byron - p. 91

Guglielmo Barblan                     Donizetti in Naples - p. 105

Charles P. McCorquedale          Operatic Stage Design   (1800-1840) -   p. 121

Derek Turner                             Donizetti and the Victorian Musical Machine -  p. 129

John S. Allitt                             Donizetti's letter to Rovere - p. 137

John S. Allitt                             Mayr's notebooks  -  p.141


Journal No.2, 1975

Editor: John Watts

John Watts                          Editorial - p.9

Guglielmo Barblan                Maria di Rohan -  p.15       (translated by Derek Turner)

John Watts                          Maria di Rohan  in performance - p. 34

John S. Allitt                        Les Martyrs  revived - p.37

                                           Les Martyrs, review in La France Musicale, 1840 - p.53  (translated by John Standen)

                                           Les Martyrs, review in Review et Gazette Musicale  de Paris, 1840 - p.61                                                                                                                      (translated by John Standen).

                                           I Martiri, review in the Illustrated London News, 1852  -  p.69

                                           I Martiri, review in The Times, 1852 -   p.72

                                           Les Martyrs, the French libretto -  p.75

Michael F. Messenger           Donizetti 1840, 3 'French' operas and their Italian counterparts  -  p.99

Ralph Leavis                        La Favorite and La Favorita, One opera, two librettos -   p.117

Jean-Louis Tamcavo             Paul-Bernard Barroilhet  (translated by John Standen) -  p.131  

Jeremy Commons                Unknown Donizetti Items in the Neapolitan Journal  'Il Sibilo'   -  p.145

Joseph Guaricci                   Lucrezia Borgia -   p.161. 

John S. Allitt                       Lucrezia Borgia  -  p.179. 

John S. Allitt                        Don Pasquale  -   p.189.  

Jeremy Commons                The authorship of  I piccioli virtuosi ambulanti -  p.199  

John S. Allitt                        Lucia di Lammermoor  -  p.209 

Richard Northcott (1916)       Donizetti, A sketch of his life and a record of his operas -  p.229

Edward Dent (1955)              Donizetti, an Italian romantic - p.249 

                                          Donizetti, an unpublished letter from 1838  -  p.271

John S. Allitt (translator)       Le Lezione Caritatevoli - p.275

John S. Allitt                        Mayr's La Passione   -   p.294  

John S. Allitt                        Mayr's Samuele  - p.314

                                           Mayr's thoughts, selected and translated by John S. Allitt  -  p.316

John S. Allitt                        Book reviews


Journal No.3, 1977: Maria Stuarda

Editor: John Watts

It should be noted that some of the material in this Journal has been superseded by later scholarship, see Queen of Dissent: Mary Stuart and the opera in her honour by Carlo Coccia by Alexander Weatherson 

John Watts                           Preface - p.11 

Jeremy Commons                Introduction - p.13

Antonio Fraser                      Mary Queen of Scots in fact and fiction -  p.17

William White                       Schiller's Maria Stuart -  p.23

Lorenzo Arruga                     The unmistakeable Donizettian voice   -   p.67

William Ashbrook                  Maria Stuarda, the opera and its music - p.73

Jeremy Commons                 Giuseppe Bardari -  p.85

William Ashbrook                  Maria Stuarda, the libretto, its source,  the historical background and variants - p.97

                                            Maria Stuarda - synopsis -   p.106 

                                            Maria Stuarda - Italian/English libretto -  p.108

Jeremy Commons                 Maria Stuarda  and the Neapolitan censorship -  p.151

                                           Buondelmonte at the Teatro alla Scala - p.168

Patric Schmid                      Buondelmonte and Maria Stuarda -  p.171

                                           Buondelmonte - Italian libretto -   p.177

                                           Maria Stuarda at the Teatro alla Scala -    p.210

Jeremy Commons                19th century performances of  Maria Stuarda  -   p.217

Patric Schmid, Don White

Herbert Weinstock                A note on Maria Stuarda - p.243

John Watts                          Maria Stuarda in performance 1958-77 -  p.244

Giacomo Antonini &              Maria Stuarda on record -  p.259 John Carter

John Watts                           Other operas about Mary Stuart -  p.265


Journal No.4, 1980

Journal No.4, 1980

Editor: Alexander Weatherson

Alexander Weatherson         Editorial -   p.11

Alexander Weatherson         Donizetti in Revival -  p.13

John Black                          Cammarano's notes for the staging of    Lucia di Lammermoor -   p.29

Bruno Cagli                         Il dolce suono di sua voce -  p.46

Thomas G. Kaufman            Italian performances in Vienna 1835-1859 -  p.53

Brian Thornton                     History, legend and Romani's Rosmonda d'Inghilterra -  p.73

John Black                          Cammarano's self borrowings - the libretto of Poliuto  - p.89

Thomas G. Kaufman            L'esule di Roma - a performance history - p.104

Bruno Cagli                         Donde tal pianto - p.110

Bruce Brewer                       Il cigno di Romani - Giovan Battista Rubini, a performance study,

                                                              followed by a list of his performances & repertory - p.117

Henry F. Chorley                 Two 19th century accounts of G.B. Rubini - p.167

John E. Cox                                          "       "        "          "             - p.172

Thomas G. Kaufman            Giulia Grisi - a revaluation, followed by a chronology  of

                                                                      Grisi's operatic performances and repertory -  p.181

Giorgio Gualerzi                   Gianandrea Gavazzeni ovvero il mancato Donizettismo

                                                                                                          di un Donizettiano -  p.227

Fulvio Stefano Lo Presti        La fortuna di Donizetti oggi in Inghilterra -  p.231

Andrew Everett                    Illness, caught at Paris -  p.241

Louis Wernick                     Postscript on Maria Stuarda - p.247


Journal No.5, 1984

Journal No.5, 1984

Editor: Alexander Weatherson

Alexander Weatherson             Editorial  -  p.1 

Alexander Weatherson             Donizetti and Romantic sensibility in Milan at the time of   Maria Padilla   -  p.8

Roger Parker                           Maria Padilla; some historical and analytical remarks -  p.20

Thomas G. Kaufman                Lucrezia Borgia - various versions and performance history - p.37

John Black                              The revival of  Gemma di Vergy at the S.Carlo of Naples in June 1838 - p.82

Gene J. Cho                            Donizetti's Laudate Pueri -  p.89

John Black                             Élisabeth d'Angleterre, il conte d'Essex and Roberto Devereux -  p.135

John Black                             Code of instructions for the censorship of  theatrical works, Naples1849 -  p.147


Alexander Weatherson            Lament for a dead nightingale: the cantata 'in morte di M.F. Malibran de Bériot                                                                                                                                                        -  p.155

Thomas G. Kaufman                Giorgio Ronconi  -  p.169

Leyla Gencer                          Notes on the interpretation of Donizetti's queens - p.208

Fulvio Lo Presti                       Maria Stuarda regna felicemente sulla renaissance Donizettiana -  p.217

Jeremy Commons &               Il campanello di notte: further evidence, further questions  - p.231

John Black                                                                                     

Fulvio Lo Presti                       Le Duc d'Albe:   The livret of Scribe and Duveyrier   -  p.243

Thomas G. Kaufman                A bibliography of opera house annals  - p.317


Journal No.6, 1988: Donizetti and his contemporaries

Editor: Alexander Weatherson

Alexander Weatherson            Donizetti and his contemporaries - editorial   - p.1

Alexander Weatherson            Revival in depth - p.7

John Black                             Donizetti and his contemporaries in Naples 1822-1848

                                                                                                    - a study in relative popularity - p.11

Vittorio Della Croce                La cantante di Mayr - p.29

Karen M. Bryan                      Mercadante's experiment in form: the cabalettas of Elena da Feltre - p.37

Jeremy Commons                  Giovanni Pacini and 'Maria Tudor' -  p. 57

John Black                            The eruption of Vesuvius in Pacini's  L'ultimo giorno di Pompei  -  p.95

Alexander Weatherson           English legend, French play, two Italian composers - p. 107

Thomas G. Kaufman              Giuseppe and Fanny Persiani -  p. 123

Piero Mioli                            "Il segreto per esser felici" Alcune osservazioni sulla voce

                                                      di contralto nell'opera di Donizetti e dei contemporanei -  p. 153

Andrew Everett                     "Bewitched in a magic garden",  Giacomo Meyerbeer in Italy  - p. 163

Thomas G. Kaufman             Corrections and additions to a Bibliography of

                                                                         Opera House Annals published in Journal 5 -  p. 193

Acknowledgements and Appendix - list of vocal scores from Garland Publishing of New York.


Journal No.7, 2002: Donizetti and France

Editors:Alexander Weatherson, Fulvio Stefano Lo Presti

Paolo Fabbri A Parigi... p.IX
Fulvio Stefano Lo Presti A Parigi Editoriale p.XVII
Alexander Weatherson    Donizetti in Paris p. 3 
John Black The contract for Paris p. 11
Alexander Weatherson Dr. Gabriel Andral: a footnote p. 23
Francesca Seller   

Il Marin Faliero da Napoli a Parigi: raffronti testuali

p. 31 
   Il libretto di Marin Faliero p. 47
  La pirateria musicale e Marin Faliero: nuovi documenti p. 97
Fulvio Stefano Lo Presti Sylvia prima di Léonor (con interferenze di un duca) p.145
William Desniou Donizetti et L'Ange de Nisida p.177
Fulvio Stefano Lo Presti
e William Desniou
Trascrizione del libretto di L'Ange de Nisida p. 219
Jean-Claude Yon La fille du régiment: Opéra Français et Patriotique p. 293
John Stewart Allitt On remembering Les Martyrs p. 307
Francesco Attardi Anselmo Dal Ser Marcantonio al Don Pasquale p. 339
Tom Kaufmann A performance history of Dom Sébastien p. 365
Francesco Bellotto Tradizione e première di Rita: le ragioni della 'moralità' p. 379
Stefan Koth Le Duc d'Albe p. 397
Robert Pourvoyeur Albe et Egmont: vérité ou fiction lyrique p. 413
Fulvio Stefano Lo Presti "Mon cher Monsieur Scribe": una lettera sconosciuta di Verdi p. 425
Clarissa Lablache Cheer  Donizetti and Lablache  p. 507 
Giorgio Appolonia  Gilbert-Louis Duprez p. 529 
Giancarlo Landini  Nourrit e Donizetti p. 571 
PierAngelo Pelucchi Leonora non solo all'opera p. 681 
Giovanna Giglioli-Marchesi Album donizettiano p. 687

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