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Donizetti's Lucia di Lammermoor

Teatro dell'Opera di Roma  April 2 - 12, 2015

Photographs by Yasuko Kageyama, courtesy of the Teatro dell'Opera di Roma


This production was originally to have been directed by Luca Ronconi but he died a few weeks before the première so that others brought the production to completion.

Bill Fawcett saw the production in Rome on April 8, 2015 and has written:-

Considerable thought had gone into the set and staging. The first impressions were of a Victorian prison that emphasised the underlying starkness of the story while providing an unassertive backdrop that didn’t distract from the artists and the music. It was used to provide areas within which the exchanges between singers could be focussed.   Although Ronconi had died before the production, his ideas had been faithfully implemented and the performance was, in a sense, dedicated to him.

Jessica Pratt’s Lucia was excellently sung in a fluid and realistic realisation with no artificial hysteria and a mad scene that seem to flow naturally from what had gone before. The two main male singers were also very good but I was particularly taken withthe Raimondo of Carlo Cigni, as it is a part that is sometimes inadequately cast yet, as was brought out strongly here, is critical to the action.

The chorus and orchestra contributed their part in a fine all round achievement.

Cédric Manuel (, April 10, 2015) saw the performance with Maria Grazia Schiavo in the title role. He felt that the production had definitely suffered from Ronconi's death at the same time not giving us his final conception while restricting the team that took over. "Pour autant, il serait malhonnête de dire que cette mise en scène nous a enthousiasmé."  One aspect of this was what he felt was the lack of direction of the singers. He had mixed feelings about the singers.  "Marco Caria est un bon baryton, tout à fait adapté au rôle d’Enrico, très à l’aise dans les aigus, sonore sans écraser, mais assez peu nuancé et quelque peu fruste dans son jeu d’acteur, même si on lui demande de n’être qu’uniformément méchant. L’Edgardo de José Bros est en la matière plus caricatural encore...Mais quel manque de nuances ! ". However, "la Lucia de Maria Grazia Schiavo qu’ira le véritable triomphe de la soirée". He thought the chorus excellent and was particularly impressed by the conductor - "Roberto Abbado connaît sa Lucia, qu’il a dirigée partout et bien souvent. Il va droit à l’essentiel, sans traîner, attentif à ne pas couvrir les voix et les ensembles. Il est l’artisan de l’équilibre qui fait tout l’intérêt de cette représentation et qui consacre une fois de plus ce que l’on entend davantage que ce que l’on voit, même si dans l’ensemble on ne s’ennuie pas, ce qui reste tout de même l’essentiel…"


(Note that Jessica Pratt will be giving a recital at the Wigmore Hall, London on May 19 at 7.30 pm.)

The Team


Enrico - Marco Caria

Lucia -  Jessica Pratt /  Maria Grazia Schiavo (April  10)

Edgardo - Stefano Secco / José Bros (April 10)

Arturo - Alessandro Liberatore

Raimondo -  Carlo Cigni

Alisa -  Simge Büyükedes

Normanno -  Andrea Giovannini


Conductor - Roberto Abbado

Original director - Luca Ronconi 

but as he had died the project was brought to completion by

Direction - Ugo Tessitore

Designer - Margherita Palli

Costumes - Gabriele Mayer

Lighting - Gianni Mantovanini



©Yasuko Kageyama/Teatro dell'Opera di Roma

Normanno and chorus



©Yasuko Kageyama/Teatro dell'Opera di Roma

Edgardo and Lucia



©Yasuko Kageyama/Teatro dell'Opera di Roma

Enrico, Normanno and Lucia



©Yasuko Kageyama/Teatro dell'Opera di Roma




©Yasuko Kageyama/Teatro dell'Opera di Roma

Confrontation (sextet) scene



©Yasuko Kageyama/Teatro dell'Opera di Roma

Sleepwalking scene



©Yasuko Kageyama/Teatro dell'Opera di Roma

Edgardo and the dead Lucia




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