Small picture of Donizetti




Donizetti's Lucia di Lammermoor

Los Angeles Opera, March 15 - April 6 , 2014

Photographs by Robert Millard, courtesy of Los Angeles Opera


This new production by Los Angeles Opera garnered much praise.  Chris Pasles (Los Angeles Times,  March 17, 2014) was particularly impressed by the singing:- "Albina Shagimuratova was hardly a stereotypically frail dramatic pushover. She was a dominant force, first among a cast of equals, as she reined in her power to skillfully delineate Lucia's increasing isolation and mental decline, seeming as fresh vocally in her climactic 16-minute mad scene as she was at the beginning of the opera.", "As Edgardo, ... Saimir Pirgu blossomed wonderfully in the heights and rose with unflagging stamina and clarity to the cruelly high-flying lines in his death scene".  He was less positive about the production as a whole although he thought the video sequences "sometimes beautifully evoked mood". Orchestrally, "Presiding over all was conductor James Conlon, who whipped up climaxes, spun out lyrical lines and supported the singers with sensitive attention" and, overall, "It was a good night for Donizetti. It was a good night for opera".

Jim Farber (Daily News, March 17, 2014) saw a bigger division between production and music, describing director Elkhanah Pulitzer as "a graduate of the Traffic Management School of Opera Directing — you go here, you go there, now stand and sing". On the singing, "Shagimuratova’s Lucia may not be a dramatic triumph, but it is very impressive vocally", while Pirgu brings "an abundance of fire and heart-on-sleeve intensity to the role of Edgardo". "The orchestra, particularly the strings, winds and horns, never sounded better, plus it had the rare addition of a glass harmonica (performed with melodic dexterity by Thomas Bloch) to accompany poor Lucia’s decent into madness. Bellissima!"

The Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Los Angles Opera


The Team

Lucia -  Albina Shagimuratova

Edgardo -  Saimir Pirgu

Enrico -  Stephen Powell

Raimondo -  James Creswell

Normanno -  Joshua Guerrero

Alisa -  D'Ana Lombard

Arturo - Vladimir Dmitruk


Conductor -  James Conlon

Director - Elkhanah Pulitzer

Projection and Scenic Designer -  Wendall K. Harrington

Scenery Designer -  Carolina Angulo

Costume Designer -  Christine Crook

Lighting Designer -  Duane Schuler

Movement -  Kitty McNamee



Enrico and his men



Lucia at the fountain



Lucia and Edgardo



Enrico and Lucia



Edgardo interrupts the marriage ceremony



Mad Scene






Final scene