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 Rossini's  La scala di seta

Rossini Festival, Pesaro, August 2009

Thanks to the Rossini Festival for the photographs, which were taken by studio amati bacciardi.


Alan Jackson, a Society member who attended the Festival, has provided the following short commentary:-"Overall the singing was reasonable even if the singers did not really sound sure of themselves. In particular, the Giulia, Olga Peretyatko, sounded a different class of performer in a recital the next day.  The set was brilliant although there were too many extras doing “business”. As the pictures show, the action was updated to the present, which led to certain contradictions with a heroine who went out jogging on her own, yet as Dormont's ward, could not arrange her own boyfriends. Contradictions aside, it was a fun performance, although, for me, it was undermined by the conducting of Claudio Scimone, which was too slow and too loving with the recitatives being accompanied by a very elaborate continuo that described what was going on onstage rather like in a silent film and failed to move the comedy along."


The Team

Dorvil - José Manuel Zapata

Giulia - Olga Peretyatko

Germano - Paolo Bordogna

Lucilla - Anna Malavasi

Blansac - Carlo Lepore

Dormont - Daniele Zanfardino


Orchestra Haydn di Bolzano e Trento.

Conductor - Claudio Scimone

Director - Damiano Michieletto

Designer - Paolo Fantin


Dorvil, Giulia and Blansac berate Germano in the quartet "Si che unito a cara sposa"

(credito: studio amati bacciardi)


Another take from the above scene

(credito: studio amati bacciardi)


The soon to be interrupted midnight assignation of Giulia and her secret husband Dorvil.

(credito: studio amati bacciardi)


 Germano, Giulia and Lucilla

(credito: studio amati bacciardi)


The basic set with its marked-out floorplan of Giulia's appartment. The convention of not showing the walls very cleverly allowed the audience to see characters in hiding without being "seen" by anyone else.

(credito: studio amati bacciardi)





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