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Mercadante and Pacini Concert, New York

Christ & St. Stephens Episcopal Church, 120 West 69th Street, New York

February 11th , 2007

Ottocento Opera presented a concert of Mercadante and Pacini arias and songs on February 11, Christ & St. Stephens Episcopal Church at 120 West 69 Street, New York.  Here is an excerpt (260 KB) from “La man che un ferro stringere” from Pacini’s Bondelmonte, sung by Alex Richardson and Corey McKern with John Churchwell accompanying.

Taking part were Corey McKern (baritone), Alex Richardson (tenor), Ellie Dehn (soprano), John Churchwell (piano) and David Heiss (cello) in a program consisting of  three Mercadante songs, an aria and a duet from Pelagio and duets from Pacini's Bondelmonte and Il Saltimbanco and the final trio from Lorenzino de' Medici.

Sound excerpt and photographs by kind permission of Ottocento Opera.


Ellie, John, David

Ellie Dehn (soprano), John Churchwell (piano) and David Heiss (cello) at rehearsals


Alex, Corey

Alex Richardson (tenor), Corey McKern (baritone) at rehearsals




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