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The Donizetti Society has been established since 1973 and has regularly published Newsletters over that time. The following is the list of Newsletter content from 2018. You can use the "Find" facility, part of "Edit" on your browser, to search for keywords within each of those pages as well as using the Search facility on the Home page. Articles are in English unless stated otherwise.


Newsletters for 2018 (133 - 135)

Newsletters for 2019 (136 -        ) 



Newsletter 133, February 2018

- A biography of Giuditta Pasta by Dr. Paul Micio (p.3)
A detailed review of Kenneth Stern's, Giuditta Pasta: A Life on the Lyric Stage. (Palm Springs: Operaphile Press, 2011), A short review of the book by Russell Burdekin was included in Newsletter 131, see here.

- Frequent palpitations by Alexander Weatherson (p.10)
Article on the rivalry between Pasta and Rubini as reflected through their performances in Pacini's Niobe

- Pia de' Tolomei nella Toscana by Giulia Vannoni (in Italian) (p.14)
Review of Donizetti's Pia de' Tolomei, which inaugurated the new opera stage at Pisa. A review of the opera by Charles Jernigan when it was given at Livorno can be found here.

- The Itinerant Melomane by Charles Jernigan (p.16)
Review of Foroni's Margherita from the 2017 Wexford Festival. This is a more detailed version of his review that can be found here.

- Jérusalem by Giuseppe Montemagno (In Italian) (p.22)
Review of Verdi's opera performed at the 2017 Verdi Festival at Parma

- Codicillo alla Jérusalem di Parma by Fulvio Stefano Lo Presti (in Italian) (p.25)
A short review of Verdi's opera performed in Parma

- Jane Austen and Opera - part 2: Mansfield Park, at the Grange by Douglas M. Bennett (p.26)
 A second article on operas based on Jane Austen's novels. Part 1 was in Newsletter 132.


Newsletter 134, June 2018

- I Virtuosi ambulanti entdecken I piccioli virtuosi ambulanti by Nicolas Trees (in German) (p.4)
Article outlining the rediscovery and reassembly of I piccioli virtuosi ambulanti, a piece originally constructed for a concert at Mayr's school. Key points from the article can be found at

I piccioli virtuosi ambulanti (in Italian) (p.13)
The first part of the libretto. The full libretto can be found at

- The elusive Bartolomeo Merelli by Alexander Weatherson (p.17)
Article on the man who wrote much of the I piccioli virtuosi ambulanti libretto as well as several other early Donizetti opera librettos.

- Donizetti's Gemma di Vergy in London by Russell Burdekin (p.22)
The reaction to the only staging thus far of Donizetti's opera in London. See here

- Il ritorno dei Lombardi by Christion Speranza (In Italian) (p.27)
The revival of Verdi's I Lombardi alla prima crociata in Turin


Newsletter 135, October 2018

- A tale with important consequences for the tenor by Alexander Weatherson (p.4)
Article on Auber's Le Philtre and the tenor Adolphe Nourrit's participation

- Le rovine armate di Scozia approdano a Ferrara by Giacomo Branco (in Italian) (p.8)
Lucia di Lammermoor in Ferrara. A copy of the programme can be found here. Two articles by Douglas Bennett from 2004 showed some of the Scottish localities referred to in Scott's original story. See Part 1 and Part 2 with some larger colour photographs here.

- Anmerkungen zur modernen Erstaufführung von Saverio Mercadantes Opera Didone Abbandonata by Michael Wittmann (in German) (p.12)
Article on the modern premiere of Mercadante's opera in Innsbruck and contrasting it with the 1825 Naples' premiere. For another view on the opera by Charles Jernigan, see here.

- Teodulo riscoperto by Alexander Weatherson (p.19)
Review of the book on Teodulo Mabellini edited by Claudio Paradiso.

- L'Ange de Nisida by Alan Jackson (p.23)
Report on the belated (179 years late) premiere of Donizetti's L'Ange de Nisida at Covent Garden

- Sylvia da fantasma in carne ed ossa by Fulvio Stefano Lo Presti (in Italian) (p.26)
Another view on L'Ange de Nisida and the premiere.

- Recensione del libro: A Donizetti basta una zeta  by Giulia Vannoni (in Italian) (p.28)
Review of the recent book by Fulvio Stefano Lo Presti. A further review by Giovanni Pasqualino can be found at 



Newsletter 136, February 2019

- Giuditta Pasta by Alexander Weatherson and Alan Jackson (p.4)
Short article on Pasta's rejection of the Donizetti's original introduction to Anna Bolena, together with a list of available Pasta memorabilia.

- Scribe, Accursi, Le Duc d'Albe e Jeanne La Folle by Mario Villani (in Italian) (p.10)
An article about the non-completion Donizetti's Le Duc d’Albe, including reference to correspondence between Scribe (its librettist) and Michele Accursi (Donizetti’s Parisian agent). It also touches on the opera Jeanne la folle, briefly considered by Donizetti, the career of the soprano Anaide Castellan and the eventual completions and performances of Le Duc d’Albe in 1882 and 2007.

- The Itinerant Melomane by Charles Jernigan (p.17)
Article on the 2018 Donizetti Festival in Bergamo. Extracts from the article can be found Gala Concert, Enrico di Borgogna and Il Castello di Kenilworth.

- In Memoriam by Christian Speranza (in Italian) (p.25)
Article on Donizetti's Messa di Requiem (in memory of Bellini) and a recent performance of it in Piacenza.

- Queens of Cyprus by Alan Jackson (p.27)
Article on La Reine de Chypre which first emerged as an opera by Halévy  but was subsequently adapted for operas by Donizetti and Lachner (and Balfe and Pacini). Alan also discusses the first recordings of the Halévy and Lachner works.

- Lucia: A casa del Conte Ugolino by Fulvio Stefano Lo Presti (in Italian) (p. 31) 
Short review of Lucia at the Teatro Verdi in Pisa


Newsletter 137, June 2019

- The Song Book of Mme de Coussy by Alexander Weatherson (p.3)
Article on the song book of Zélie de Coussy, wife of Donizetti's Parisian banker and dedicatee of his Don Pasquale.

- Thirty-Six Vocalises in Modern Style by Marco Bordogni by Dan H. Marek (p. 13)
Article on vocal exercises devised by the early 19th century tenor Marco Bordogni and which have been adapted to acoustical phonetics by Dan Marek.

- Spyridon Xyndas’s comic opera, O Ypopsifios [The Parliamentary Candidate] by Kostas Kardamis (p.17)
Article on the opera which was revived recently at the Municipal Theatre in Corfu, 150 years after its first performance. A DVD was made of the performance, which was a straightforward traditional production. The music is tuneful and original and in the style of contemporary Italian opera but with some more regional influences, which must have been uncommon at that time.  A copy of the DVD may be obtained from the Corfu Philharmonic Society at a cost of 15 euros. Please email Excerpts can be found here from the start of the overture, here from the finale of Act 1 and here from the Final scene.

- Experiences of a Biographer by Dr Kenneth Stern (p.20)
Article on how Dr. Stern came to write a biography of Giuditta Pasta (see here) A short review of the book can be found here and a longer one by Dr. Paul Micio in Newsletter 133.

- Compte-rendu de L'Avant-Scène Opéra, no. 307, novembre-decembre 2018, Lucrezia Borgia de Donizetti
                                                                                                               - by Stella Rollet (in French) (p.24).
L'Avant-Scène Opéra is a bimonthly magazine devoted every edition to the complete study of an opera, in this case Donizetti's Lucrezia Borgia.

- Donizetti sinfonista by Raymond Meylan (in Italian) (p.27)
Discusses the reconstruction of a grand symphony by Donizetti


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