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The Donizetti Society has been established since 1973 and has regularly published Newsletters over that time. The following is the list of Newsletter content from 2018. You can use the "Find" facility, part of "Edit" on your browser, to search for keywords within each of those pages as well as using the Search facility on the Home page. Articles are in English unless stated otherwise.


Newsletters for 2018 (133 -        )



Newsletter 133, February 2018

- A biography of Giuditta Pasta by Dr. Paul Micio (p.3)
A detailed review of Kenneth Stern's, Giuditta Pasta: A Life on the Lyric Stage. (Palm Springs: Operaphile Press, 2011), A short review of the book by Russell Burdekin was included in Newsletter 131, see here.

- Frequent palpitations by Alexander Weatherson (p.10)
Article on the rivalry between Pasta and Rubini as reflected through their performances in Pacini's Niobe

- Pia de' Tolomei nella Toscana by Giulia Vannoni (in Italian) (p.14)
Review of Donizetti's Pia de' Tolomei, which inaugurated the new opera stage at Pisa. A review of the opera by Charles Jernigan when it was given at Livorno can be found here.

- The Itinerant Melomane by Charles Jernigan (p.16)
Review of Foroni's Margherita from the 2017 Wexford Festival. This is a more detailed version of his review that can be found here.

- Jérusalem by Giuseppe Montemagno (In Italian) (p.22)
Review of Verdi's opera performed at the 2017 Verdi Festival at Parma

- Codicillo alla Jérusalem di Parma by Fulvio Stefano Lo Presti (in Italian) (p.25)
A short review of Verdi's opera performed in Parma

- Jane Austen and Opera - part 2: Mansfield Park, at the Grange by Douglas M. Bennett (p.26)
 A second article on operas based on Jane Austen's novels. Part 1 was in Newsletter 132.


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