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The Donizetti Society has been established since 1973 and has regularly published Newsletters over that time. The following is the list of Newsletter content from 2014-2017. You can use the "Find" facility, part of "Edit" on your browser, to search for keywords within each of those pages as well as using the Search facility on the Home page. Articles are in English unless stated otherwise.


Newsletters for 2014 (121 - 123)

Newsletters for 2015 (124 - 126)

Newsletters for 2016 (127 - 129)

Newsletters for 2017 (130 -132)



Newsletter 121, February 2014

- Bicentenari 1813-2013: Petrella, Verdi, Wagner in concerto a Torino by Michele Curnis (in Italian) (p.5)
Remarks on Petrella's career and a concert of his, Verdi and Wagner's music to celebrate their bicentenaries.

- Errico Petrella ed I pedanti by G.A. Biaggi (in Italian) (p.7)
Article from the Gazzetta Musicale di Milano, April 22, 1877, p. 131 defending Petrella

- The Vampire rises in New Orleans by Charles Jernigan (p.9)
Article on Polidori's short story, the background to Marschner's Der Vampyr and comments on its recent production in New Orleans.

- Something to look forward to... by Douglas Bennett (p.14)
Remarks on forthcoming recordings

- Pietro Generali e L'Adelaide di Borgogna by Franco Piva (in Italian) (p.15)
History and some analysis of the opera and comments on a concert performance in Rovigo in 2012 by the conductor Franco Piva.  The concert is available on Bongiovanni 2458/60.

- Appoggiaturas in the Operas of Donizetti by Alan Jackson (p.19)
Article on guidance as to when and when not to include appoggiaturas and some examples.

- Extended reviews by Paul Micio of two books: Bel Canto Bully by Philip Eisenbeiss, which can be seen here, and Giovanni Battista Rubini and the Bel Canto Tenors by Dan H. Marek.  (p.24)


Newsletter 122, June 2014

- Theodore Victor Giubilei by Russell Burdekin (p.3)
Article on the Victorian bass singer. The article, extended to include sketches of his wife Augustine Clara Proche and half-brother, Augustus can be found here.  

- A Belgian blessing by Alexander Weatherson (p.8)
Article on the recent revival in Ghent of Karel Miry's opera Bouchard D'Avesnes.

- Tra Matti e Padroni  by Marco Leo (in Italian) (p.13)
Article on Donizetti's Il furioso all'isola di San Domingo originally staged at the Donizetti Festival in Bergamo. See here for photographs and comment on the Bergamo performance.  It then toured 5 other Italian cities. 

- Il Gaetan furioso  by Christian Speranza (in Italian) (p.15)
An article on Donizetti's Il furioso all'isola di San Domingo

- Sulla "Fausta" di Donizetti: la fonte letteraria, la fortuna teatrale by Paola Ciarlantini (in Italian) (p.19)
Article on Donizetti's Fausta and the libretto's source in T. Sgricci's tragedy Crispo  (Part 1)

- Late-blooming Spanish Belcanto flower  by Walter Wiertz (p.25)
Article on Arrieta's La conquista di Granata


Newsletter 123, October 2014 

- A review by Alexander Weatherson of Napoleons Traumrollen by Irs Winkler (p.3)
The book covers a number of works that were stimulated by Napoleon's invasion of Italy

- Sulla "Fausta" di Donizetti: la fonte letteraria, la fortuna teatrale by Paola Ciarlantini (in Italian) (p.7)
Appendices including a chronology of Fausta performances and bibliography. Part 2 of an article begun in Newsletter 122.

- The Kaufman Chronologies by Thea Cook (p.14)
Tom Kaufman's work was widely known to scholars and centred on a massive archive of performances. Thea's article describes the archive and discusses ways in which it might be made more widely available and even expanded. The article can be found here .

- Giuseppe Lillo, pianista d'arte e d'intrattenimento by Alessandro Macchia (in Italian) (p.19) Article looking at the composer Lillo's piano career. 

- Serious Sullivan by Douglas Bennett (p.22)
Background and review of the recent recording of Sullivan's On Shore and Sea and Kenilworth by Victorian Opera Northwest. See here for details of the recording.

- Arrieta - a Postscript by Alan Jackson (p.27)
Some remarks on the recording of Arrieta's opera La conquista di Granata following Walter Wiertz's article in Newsletter 122

- L.S.Lowry and Belcanto opera by Alan Jackson (p.28)
Brief remarks on a visit to the Lowry Centre in Salford and Lowry's love of belcanto opera.



Newsletter 124, February 2015

- Why Cardenio? by Alexander Weatherson (p.4)
An interview with James Conway ahead of English Touring Opera's production of Donizetti's The Wild Man of the West Indies (Il furioso all’isola di San Domingo)

- And a further response from Jeremy Silver (p.8)
An article by the man who will be conducting it on the ETO's tour.

- Vincenzo Pucitta: An omitted composer, review by Alexander Weatherson  (p.12)
A review of a book of essays entitled Vincenzo Pucitta: Il tumulto del gran mondo (Barletta: Cafagna Editore, 2014)

- Antonio Ghislanzoni by Michele C. Ferrari (in German) (p.16)
A review of Pacifica Artuso's book  Antonio Ghislanzoni, non di solo Verdi... (Varenna, EurArte Edizioni, 2013) librettist whose best known book is Aida.

- Yet again Salieri shows he was no mediocrity by Douglas M. Bennett (p.18)
Background and review of Pinchgut Opera's performance of Salieri's Der Rauchfangkehrer given in Sydney.  A recording is available here

- Una Voce Sombre per il Dramma di Edgardo by Piero Mioli (in Italian) (p.22)
Memories of the tenor Carlo Bergonzi

- Les Martyrs - the new passages in the Opera Rara recording by Alan Jackson  (p.24)
Information and comment on three passages that have been included in the new critical edition of the opera, which was used by Opera Rara in their recent recording of the opera and in the concert version at the Royal Festival Hall on November 4, 2014. An article by Alan Jackson on that performance can be found here. October's Opera magazine included an article on the opera entitled "Opera à la française" by Flora Willson, who edited the critical edition of the opera.

- Pane, amore e Donizetti by Christian Speranza (p.28)
Report on a performance of L'elisir d'amore at Piacenza together with some historical background on Donizetti's career leading up to it.


Newsletter 125, June 2015

- A Romance for Marcella  by Alexander Weatherson (p.3)
An article on an aria by Balfe which he wrote to insert in a performance of Donizetti's Il furioso all'isola di San Domingo scheduled for Her Majesty's Theatre, London, in 1846 but which was never used. The article was in memory of Basil Walsh, who did much work to raise Balfe's profile including the website and a book, Michael W. Balfe: A Unique Victorian Composer. (Dublin: Irish Academic Press, 2008).

- Alto: The Voice of Bel Canto - part 1, by Dan H. Marek  (p.6)
Excerpts from the chapter on "Bel Canto Altos of Bellini and Donizetti" from a forthcoming book by Dan H. Marek. A second extract will be included in the next newsletter. Other books of his include  Giovanni Battista Rubini and the Bel Canto Tenors: History and Technique

- Leyla Gencer sconosciuta? by Douglas M. Bennett (p.14)
Thoughts on Gencer's career stimulated by a present of a book about her and CDs of some performances.

- L' "orrido campo" e Isabella d'Aspeno di Paolo Carrer by Eduardo Rescigno (in Italian)  (p.17)
An article about Carrer's opera, whose plot foreshadows that of Verdi's Un ballo in maschero, and asks whether it influenced it in any way

- Le Pré aux Clercs by Alan Jackson (p.23)
A review of a recent performance at the Opéra Comique. Photographs and comment on the production can be found at 2015PreParis.htm

- Linda di Chamounix in Giessen by Walter Wiertz (p.25)
A review of a recent performance of the opera. Photographs from the production can be found here.

- Halévy's La Juive in Ghent by Russell Burdekin (p.28)
A review of the Opera Vlaanderen production directed by Peter Konwitschny.  Photographs from the production can be found /2015LaJuiveGent.htm

- I Cavoli a Merenda Di Windsor by Fulvio Stefano Lo Presti (in Italian)  (p.31)
A review of Otto Nicolai's Die lustigen Weiber von Windsor at Liège.  The article can be found here


Newsletter 126, October 2015

- Donizetti compositore e...patriota? by Mario Villani (in Italian)  (p.4)
Consideration of the depth and range of Donizetti's patriotism.  See here.

- Une ténébreuse affaire or worse: the fate of an opera by Constantino Palumbo  by Alexander Weatherson (p.7)
The story behind the precipitous disappearance of Palumbo's opera, Pier Luigi Farnese, with its text by Arrigo Boito, from the Rome stage in 1891. The article can be seen here.

- Alto: The Voice of Bel Canto - part 2 by Dan H. Marek (p.12)
The second part of an excerpt from the chapter on "Bel Canto Altos of Bellini and Donizetti" from a forthcoming book by Dan H. Marek. The first extract was included in the previous newsletter. Other books of his include  Giovanni Battista Rubini and the Bel Canto Tenors: History and Technique

- Ein unbekannter Komponist und eine bekannte Opernfigur: Michele Carafa und seine "beiden Figaro" by Bruno Rauch (in German) (p.21)
Article on Carafa's I due Figaro which was produced last year by the Free Opera Company, Zurich.  

- Ein charmantes Phantom of the Opera by Bruno Rauch (in German) (p.24)
Article on Boieldieu's La Dame Blanche produced this year by  the Free Opera Company, Zurich.  

- La Favorite by John Yohalem (p.27)
Article on the 2015 Caramoor Festival production of  Donizetti's La Favorite. An article on the same production by Charles Jernigan can be found at articlefavoritejernigan0815.htm



Newsletter 127, February 2016

- "Donizetti a Nozari per 2 Colazioni avute"  by Fabrizio Capitano (in Italian) (p.4)
An article on and score of a recently found work by Donizetti dedicated to the tenor Andrea Nozzari.

- Bringing Salieri out from the Shadows by Douglas Bennett (p.12)
Article on Salieri's Trofonio's Cave given by Brampton Classical Opera.

- Prima della Prima al Kärntnertortheater by Mario Villani (in Italian) (p.16)
An article on Donizetti's operas in Vienna in the early 1840's and his correspondence with Carlo Balocchino, who was in charge of the Kärntnertortheater there.

- Bergamo's Vanishing Festivals by Stephen Hastings  (p.8)
A history of the varying fortunes to establish a Donizetti festival at Bergamo.

- Lucrezia e Lady: Marianna Barbieri Nini by Piero Mioli (in Italian) (p.24)
An article on the singer Marianna Barbieri Nin, the original Lucrezia Borgia in Donizetti's opera of that name.

- Liszt Piano Transcriptions by Alan Jackson (p.26)
A preface to an article by Przemyslaw Krzywoszński, which will appear in Newsletter 128, in which he considers whether Liszt's transcriptions might tell us something of performance practice at the time. See here.

- Palumbo in Piacenza: his Pier-Luigi Farnese by Alexander Weatherson (p.28)
A follow up on an earlier article about this opera (see here) and speculating that its complete disappearance might be due to its underlying reliance on outdated models despite its superficial boldness.


Newsletter 128, June 2016

- Editorial  by Alexander Weatherson (p.2)
Includes some remarks on the reception of Donizetti's Adelia at Her Majesty's Theatre in London in 1843

- Il poeta teatrale Girolamo Maria Marini dimenticato collaboratore di Donizetti by Paola Ciarlantini (in Italian) (p.4)
Background on the librettist of a number of operas including Nicolai's Il templario and the third act of Donizetti's Adelia.

- Malibran recalled by Alexander Weatherson (p.12)
Description and comment on a short lived cantata in memory of Maria Malibran with contributions by Donizetti, Pacini, Mercadante, Coppola and Vaccai with a text mainly by Antonio Piazza. A performance is planned probably in Brussels

- Gaetano Donizetti's operas in piano transcriptions by Franz Liszt by Przemyslaw Krzywoszyński (p.21)
Description of 7 Liszt works based on Donizetti operas. This was a shortened version of a paper entitled "Gaetano Donizetti by Franz Liszt, the Piano in the Service of the Opera", Interdisciplinary Studies in Musicology, no. 13, 2013, pp. 141-154, which can be found here.  Alan Jackson wrote a companion article in Newsletter 127 speculating whether Liszt's transcriptions might tell us something of performance practice at the time. See here.

- Maria Marcolini Contralto - Qualche novita biografica by Mario Villani (in Italian) (p.28)
New details on the life of the early 19th century contralto Maria Marcolini

- New recordings of Satanella and Le Duc d'Albe by Alan Jackson (p.33)
Comments on the new recordings of Balfe's Satanella by Victorian Opera Northwest, details and excerpts of which can be found at  and of the first two extant acts of Donizetti's Le Duc d'Albe by Opera Rara, see here .

- Il Pentagono Rossiniano (Ermione a Rostock) by Fulvio Stefano Lo Presti (in Italian) (p.36)
Performance of Rossini's Ermione in Rostock at their Festival del Belcanto


Newsletter 129, October 2016

- Mischief and Eleonora by Alexander Weatherson (p.4)
Article on Boisnormand de Bonnechose's play Rosemonde, the source for Donizetti's Rosmonda d'Inghilterra

 - La prima volta de La Favorite alla Fenice di Venezia by Giacomo Branca (in Italian, p.10)
The first staging of the opera in its original French at La Fenice

- Margherita (p.14)
Synopsis of Jacopo Foroni's opera scheduled for the 2017 Wexford Festival

- Die Free Opera Company bringt erneut eine Raritat  by Bruno Rauch (in German, p.16)
The Free Opera Company's production of E.T.A. Hoffmann's singspiel Liebe und Eifersucht

- Francesca da Rimini by Alexander Weatherson (p.18)
Review of Mercadante's opera that received a belated premiere at Martina Franca on July 30, 2016.  Another take on it from Charles Jernigan's can be found here.

- Malvina di Scozia - a view from New York by "Lei & Lui" (p.20)
An article on the revival of Pacini's Malvina di Scozia by the Vertical Player Repertory. A more detailed article on the opera can be found here

- Caro amico ti scrivo ....... by Mario Villani (in Italian, p.24)



Newsletter 130, February 2017

- Per una riscoperta de Il giovedi grasso by Francesco Bellotto (in Italian, p.5)
Article on Donizetti's opera given recently at Treviso

- Olivo e Pasquale by Giacomo Branca (in Italian, p.9)
Review of Donizetti's opera given at the 2016 Donizetti Festival in Bergamo. Another view and photographs can be found here

- Bergamo by Alan Jackson (p.12)
Reflections on the 2016 Donizetti Festival. Alan's reviews of the two main operas can be found here and here.

- Inaugurato con Donizetti il nuovo teatro di Trapani by Giulia Vannoni (in Italian, p.16)

- Stella di Napoli by Alexander Weatherson (p.18)
Article on Pacini's opera.

- Il padre di Vincenzo Bellini nacque nel 1778 by Giovanni Pasqualino (in Italian, p.24)
Article on Bellini's father.

- A Victorian view of Donizetti by Russell Burdekin (p.29)
Comments from an article on Donizetti by R.G. White published in 1874


Newsletter 131, June 2017

- Two Rare Cantatas by Alexander Weatherson (p.4)
Some additional information on revivals of two Donizetti cantatas in Palermo

- Who or what was Méhul by Douglas M. Bennett (p.6)
Report of a concert at St John's Smith Square

- Cornaro x 2 by Alexander Weatherson  (p.10)
A discussion of the relationships between Donizetti's Caterina Cornaro and Halévy's La Riene de Chypre.

- Dionilla Santolini - Diva Inattuale by Gabriele Cesaretti (in Italian) (p.18)
Article on the 19th century soprano

- The First Recording of Donizetti by Alan Jackson (p.21)
Comments on an 1890 recording of "Quando rapito" by Mademoiselle Nikita

- Two books on 19th century singers by Russell Burdekin (p.23)
Short reviews of books on Pasta and Tietjens. See here

- Donizetti and Vienna by Peter C. Walther (p.24)
Article on the author's stay in Vienna and reflections on Donizetti's career there.


Newsletter 132, October 2017

- Jane Austen and Opera, some thoughts by Douglas M. Bennett (p.3)
Review of a new opera based on Austen's Persuasion

- Pariah, purdah and protest: Michele Carafa in the opera house, Il paria by Alexander Weatherson (p.8)
Article on the history behind Carafa's Il paria.

- Nel 150o anniversario della morte di Giovanni Pacini by Giovanni Pasqualino (in Italian) (p.19)
Article reflecting on Pacini's career

- Recitals by Michael Spyres and Joyce El-Khoury on Opera Rara by Alan Jackson (p.23)
Review of two new CDs from Opera Rara: Spyres Espoir  and  El-Khoury Écho.  See here

- "La gazza ladra" ritorna alla Scala di Milano by Michele Curnis (in Italian) (p.25)
A performing history of Rossini's opera at La Scala


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