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The Donizetti Society has been established since 1973 and has regularly published Newsletters over that time. The following is the list of Newsletter content from 2006-2009. All the main articles from 2006 have been included below.  Any missing pages are usually either photographs, which were omitted in case of any copyright infringement, or advertisements or other ephemeral material. Articles from more recent Newsletters are available, please contact Alan Jackson,

You can use the "Find" facility, part of "Edit" on your browser, to search for keywords within each of those pages as well as using the Search facility on the Home page. Articles are in English unless stated otherwise.


Newsletters for 2006 (97-99)

Newsletters for 2007 (100- 102)

Newsletters for 2008 (103 - 105)

Newsletters for 2009 (106 - 108)



Newsletter 97, February 2006.

- Donizetti's star in the ascendent by Alan Jackson (p.3)
Article on the reactions to the recent performance of  Donizetti's Dom Sébastien at Covent Garden. See here

- The judgment of Paris: Donizetti's Dom Sébastien by Alexander Weatherson (p.5)
Article reflecting on the ways in which the milieu of the times influenced the opera's composition. The article may be found here

 - La rara Juive alla Fenice di Venezia by Giacomo Branca (in Italian).  (p.9)
Article on the recent production of Halévy's La Juive at La Fenice. See here

- The Perils of the Progress of Time by Douglas M. Bennett (p.12)
Reflections on the 2005 Wexford Festival with  a focus on Donizetti's Maria di Rohan but also some remarks on Fauré's Pénélope.  See here.

- The maid of Balfe by Alexander Weatherson (p.16)
Article on the recording of Balfe's The Maid of Artois recently released by Victorian Opera NorthWest, where more information on the recording and more sound extracts can be found. See here

 - The Maid of Artois by John Stewart  Allitt (p.17)
Another article on the recording of  Balfe's The Maid of Artois recently released by Victorian Opera NorthWest. See here.

- Michael William Balfe - nicht nur The Bohemian Girl Eine Neuaufnahme der Maid of Artois by Geerd Heinsen (in German). (p.20)
A further article on  Balfe's The Maid of Artois recently released by Victorian Opera NorthWest. See here 

- Opera in London during the Nineteenth-Century No.2 by Pip Clayton (p.23)
A further article in a series on opera in London in the 19th century, this one concerned with Meyerbeer's L'Etoile du Nord. See here.

- Donizetti's Roberto Devereux in Paris by Alexander Weatherson (p.29)
Article on a performance at the Theatre des Champs-Elysees on September 22, 2005. See here

- Pietro Antonio Coppola e Placido Mandanici due musicisti siciliani dell'800 by Giovanni Pasqualino (in Italian) (p.31)
Remarks on monographs on these two composers.  Sig. Pasqualino wrote more extensively on Coppola in Newsletter 91. See here


Newsletter 98, June 2006.

- Donizetti and Adolphe Sax by Russell Burdekin (p.3)
A note on the use of Sax's instruments in Donizetti's operas, see here for article.

- Balfe and Malibran by Basil Walsh (p.5)
A note on a letter that Balfe wrote to Malibran about the opera, The Maid of Artois, that he wanted to write for her. See here.  This opera has recently been recorded by Victorian Opera Northwest, see for more information on the recording and sound extracts.

- Basta Donizetti = Lucia! by Laura D'Alessandro (in Italian) (p.6)
Some personal reflections on hearing Donizetti's Roberto Devereux at Ancona, January 18, 2006.  See here. Pictures of the production can be seen here.

- Short note by Dr Emre Araci on two concerts he arranged in Istanbul featuring the music of Gaetano Donizetti, his brother Giuseppe and Angelo Mariani. See here

- In the wake of L'esule di Roma - Ogni tormento by Alexander Weatherson (p.9)
An article on the many changes that beset the creation of Donizetti's opera. It may be found here.

- Orazi e Curiazi, an anti-war capolavoro for St. Paul by Dan Foley (p.16)
Article on a recent production of Mercadante's opera by Minnesota Opera. See here. Pictures of the production can be seen here.

- Opera in London during the Nineteenth-Century No.2 by Pip Clayton (p.21)
A further article in a series on opera in London in the 19th century with a focus on Wallace's Matilda of Hungary. See here

- Il Conte d'Essex perde la testa, Leonora De Guzman perde ... le ali by Fulvio Stafano Lo Presti (In Italian). (p.24)
Reviews of  Donizetti's Roberto Devereux (Ancona, pictures here). See here

- Questa o quella Stuarda by Fulvio Stafano Lo Presti (In Italian). (p.26)
Review of  Donizetti's Maria Stuarda in Rome and Gent. See here.

- Pavento insano by Douglas M. Bennett. (p.30)
Remarks on Opera Rara's recent CD (ORR 236) of Mercadante and Pacini arias. See here

- Rhea  by Geerd Heinsen (In German). (p.32)
Remarks on a recording (Lyra 1053) now released on CD of  the opera by the Greek composer Spiro Samara (1861-1917), first performed in Italy in 1908. See here

- Carmeli Neri, Vincenzo Bellini, Nuovo Epistolario 1819-1835  by Francesco Cento (In Italian).(p.34)
Review of Neri's book, published by Editoriale Agorà, 2005. See here


Newsletter 99, October 2006

- Don Gregorio  (p.4)
Short article on Donizetti's Don Gregorio, scheduled for this year's Wexford Festival. See here

- An angry young man of 1833 by Alexander Weatherson  (p.6)
An article on Donizetti's Il furioso all'isola di S.Domingo. See here

-  Il furioso all'isola di S.Domingo  in Gelsenkirchen by Alan Jackson (p.11)
Review of Donizetti's opera currently being staged at Gelsenkirchen. See here

- Opera in London during the Nineteenth-Century No.4 by Pip Clayton  (p.14)
Fourth in a series of articles.  This one focuses on the fortunes of Rossini's Matilde Shabran. See here

- Mein Freund ist Moslem by Geerd Heinsen (in German, p.17)
Review of Bellini's Zaira, staged earlier this year at  Gelsenkirchen. See here

- La Calabria nel melodramma Italiano by Francesco Cento  (in Italian, p.19)
Calabria as presented in Italian opera. See here

- Nobile Teatro di San Giacomo di Corfù: an overview of its significance for the Greek ottocento by Konstantinos Kardamis (p.23)
Article on the role of the San Giacomo theatre in the birth of Greek opera. See here.  A much fuller version, which was given by Konstantinos Kardamis at the XI Convegno Annuale di Società Italiana di Musicologia Lecce, 22–24 October 2004, can be found here . A summary with pictures can be found here.

- E siccome gufo presi il mio volo... by Laura D'Alessandro (in Italian, p.28)
Article on a performance of Donizetti's Lucia di Lammermoor at La Scala. See here

- Medea di Pacini by Giovanni Pasqualino (in Italian, p.30)
Review of a recent performance at the Festival Teatro dei due Mari, Taormina (June 16 &17). See here 

- Colombo discovers Europe by Fulvio Stefano Lo Presti (p.34)
Article and comments on Gomes' cantata Colombo performed at the Teatro Massimo Bellini, Catania, May 19&21, 2006. See here

- Dieci Minuti di Applausi e cinque fuori by Chiara Plazzi (in Italian, p.36)
Article and comments on Donizetti's Requiem for Bellini performed at Verona, April 13, 2006. See here

- Mi Chiaman La Gioconda by Jorge Binaghi (in Spanish, p.38)
 Comments on the recent staging in Liege. See here

- Reflections on Pacini's Alessandro nell'Indie by Alexander Weatherson (p.41). See here



Newsletter 100, March 2007

- Not quite as monstrous a régiment as all that by Alexander Weatherson (p.2)
Some musings provoked by Donizetti's La Fille du régiment. See here.

- Pour rapprocher de Marie by Alexander Weatherson (p.6)
Short review on Donizetti's La Fille du régiment at Covent Garden. See here.  The Newsletter also included some colour photographs of the production. Further pictures and comment can be found here.

- A Season of Donizetti by Charles Jernigan (p. 8)
Reviews of Donizetti's Roberto Devereux, Lucia di Lammermoor and Anna Bolena given at the Teatro Donizetti, Bergamo, autumn 2006 Donizetti festival. See here

- Festival Donizetti e... Anna Bolena by Laura D'Alessandro (p.12)  (in Italian)
Another view of the Bergamo Donizetti festival. See here

- Odd Pages from a Notebook by John Stewart Allitt (p.16)
Some thoughts on the history of Mayr and Donizetti performances since the Society's formation. See here

- Antigona at Schloss Rheinsberg by Alex Liddell (p.19)
Article on Myslivecek and his opera Antigona performed at Schloss Rheinsberg. See here

- Catania ricordi il genio di Pietro Platania almeno nel centenatio della morte by Giovanni Pasqualino (p.24) (in Italian)
A short biography of Platania. See here

- Dom Sébastien brought to life by Richard B. Beams (p.27)
Review of a performance of Donizetti's opera at Carnegie Hall, New York, November 7, 2006. See here

- Donizetti and Vienna by Douglas M. Bennett (p.30)
Short essay on the possible reasons behind Donizetti's employment in Vienna and its consequences. See here

- Opera in London during the Nineteenth Century No.5 by Pip Clayton (p. 35)
This fifth article in the series focuses on  Donizetti's La Fille du régiment. See here


Newsletter 101, June 2007

- Imelda de'Lambertazzi by Alan Jackson (p.4)
Review of the Opera Rara concert performance on March 10, 2007. See here

- Opera in London during the Nineteenth Century No.6 by Pip Clayton (p. 8)
This sixth article in the series focuses on  Donizetti's I martiri (Poliuto). See here

- La place des œuvres de Donizetti dans les théâtres parisiens (1831-1848): Anna Bolena et Lucia di Lammermoor, d'un chef d'œuvre á l'autre by Stella Rollet (in French) (p.10). See here

- Lorenzino de'... Pacini by Alexander Weatherson (p.18)
The programme notes for a planned performance of  Pacini's Lorenzino de'Medici in Faenza that did not materialise. See here.

Gli Arabi nelle Gallie at New York's Italian Opera House by Dan Foley (p.25)
The triumph of Pacini's Gli Arabi nelle Gallie in New York in 1834. See here.  Dan Foley was the organiser of a recent concert of Pacini and Mercadante's work in New York, see here.

- Il lugubre ritorno del Crociato by Giacomo Branca (in Italian) (p.36)
Review of the recent performance of Meyerbeer's Il Crociato in Egitto in Venice. See here

- Dom Sébastien by Geerd Heinsen (in German) (p.40)
Review of the recent Opera Rara recording. See here


Newsletter 102, October 2007

- Donizetti's "Pazzi" revived at Barga by Charles Jernigan (p.3) Review of  I pazzi per progetto at the 2007 Barga Festival. See here

- Cristina, Regina di Svezia by Geerd Heinsen (in German) (p.5)
An article on the composer Jacopo Foroni and the recent revival of his opera  Cristina, Regina di Svezia at the 2007 Vadstena Festival, Sweden. Includes a synopsis of the plot.  See here.

- The "hache sanglante" of the Duke of Alba by Alexander Weatherson (p.12)
An article on the tortuous history of   Donizetti's Le Duc d'Albe/ Il duca d'Alba  revived this year as part of the Montpelier Festival. The article has been reproduced in three sections:  the history, which can be found here, the structure of the opera and its individual numbers, which can be found here,  and the performance history since the 1950's.

- Il duca d'Alba synopsis. See here

- Il sospirato ritorno doi Attila by Giacomo Branca (in Italian) (p.25)
A background to and review of a recent performance of  Verdi's Attila at Piacenza. See here

- Odessa, and its opera house - a short history by Pip Clayton (p.28)
An article based on the author's recent trip to the city. See here

- Ma d'una regina la barbara morte   by Laura D'Alessandro (in Italian) (p.30)
An article on the recent production of Donizetti's Maria Stuarda at Macerata. See here

- Schwacher Jahrgang by Geerd Heinsen (in German) (p.32)
A review of the 2007 Rossini Festival at Pesaro. See here

- Lucia al fresco by Douglas M. Bennett (p.36)
A short article on a concert of excerpts from Donizetti's Lucia di Lammermoor  performed at Baldoon Castle, the site of the original story that inspired Sir Walter Scott's novel. See here

- ...Chi un giorno ottiene Adina, fin la vita puo' lasciar! by Laura D'Alessandro (in Italian) (p.37)
An article inspired by the recent performances of Donizetti's L'elisir d'amore in Turin and Rome. See here

- Cecilian harmonies by Alexander Weatherson (p.40)
Remarks on the recording and forthcoming tour by Cecilia Bartoli dedicated to arias associated with Maria Malibran. See here



Newsletter 103, February 2008

- I due Gregorio by Alexander Weatherson (p.2)
Article on Donizetti's Don Gregorio

- Don Gregorio by Laura D'Alessandro (in Italian)  (p.4)
Review and comments on the recent production at the 2007 Donizetti Festival in Bergamo.

- Insertion Arias for L'elisir d'amore by Alan Jackson (p.7)
Article on the arias that Donizetti inserted for Persiani and Tamburini for the 1839 Paris performance of the opera together with remarks on the insertion aria sung  (and composed?) by Maria Malibran and sung on a recent CD by Cecilia Bartoli, as well as comments on the rest of the CD.

- A (false?) note upon L'elisir d'amore by Alexander Weatherson (p.12)
A short article on some later Donizetti thoughts on the opera.

- Paria by Geerd Heinsen (in German)  (p.13)
Article on Moniuszko's opera of 1869.

- Pietro Platania by Giovanni Pasqualino (in Italian)  (p.18)
Article on the Sicilian composer Pietro Platania, the hundredth anniversary of whose death occurred last year

- Absence becomes Balfe by Alexander Weatherson (p.20)
Review of Basil Walsh's book on Balfe (Michael W. Balfe : a unique Victorian composer,  Dublin : Irish Academic Press, 2008 ) together with some further comments.

- An Edwardian view of Balfe  (p.23)
Article mainly giving the plot of The Bohemian Girl and The Rose of Castile together with some details on their premieres.

- Lucrezia Borgia by Laura D'Alessandro (in Italian)  (p.27)
Review and comments on the recent production at the 2007 Donizetti Festival in Bergamo.

- Opera in London during the Nineteenth-Century No. 7 by Pip Clayton.
Article on juvenile theatre and the Toy theatre.


Newsletter 104, June 2008

- Johann Simon Mayrs "Fedra" - eine spate Oper eines reifen Meisters by Geerd Heinsen (in German) (p.3)
Article on Mayr's Fedra, see here.

- Fedra by Alexander Weatherson (p.13)
Article on Mayr's Fedra, including a listing of the opera numbers and review of the recent performance at Braunschweig

- Stuarda, Poliuto, Borgia by Jorge Binaghi and Fulvio Stefano Lo Presti (in Italian) (p.15)
Reviews of recent performances on Donizetti's Maria Stuarda, Poliuto and Lucrezia Borgia.

- The Good Old Days? by Russell Burdekin (p.17)
An article on the University of California's Cylinder Preservation project, see here

- Bellini e Nicola Antonio Manfroce: vite parallele by Carmelo Neri (in Italian)  (p.19)
Article on the two composers.

- Il ritorno a Liegi della Stuarda by Fulvio Stefano Lo Presti (in Italian)  (p.22)
Review of the recent production in  Liège of Donizetti's Maria Stuarda

- Carlo Coccia in Lisbon by Alexander Weatherson (p.25)
Article on Coccia's stay in Lisbon


Newsletter 105, October 2008

- Glorious Balfe by Douglas M. Bennett (p.4)
Article on the recent performance of Balfe's Falstaff in Dublin.

- Don Bucefalo by Anders Wiklund (p.6)
Article on Cagnoni's opera

- Attorn a Marin Fal(l)iero stampato by Alexander Weatherson (p.8)
Article on Donizetti's Marin Faliero due to be performed at Bergamo this autumn.

- Une Favorite expatriée by Stella Rollet (p.16)  (in French)
Article on Donizetti's La Favorite at Bergamo, September 21, 2008, that can be seen here.

- Bad Wildbad by Charles Jernigan  (p.18)
Article on this year's Bad Wildbad Rossini Festival

- La Esmeralda fully dressed in all her glory by Douglas M. Bennett (p.21)
Article on a recent concert performance of Louise Bertin's opera.

- Incontro con Donizetti nella verde Umbria by Laura D'Alessandro (p.23)  (in Italian)
Report on a seminar on Donizetti held in Spoleto in June  

- Benedette Queste Carte ... da Parma by Fulvio Stafano Lo Presti  (p.26)  (in Italian)
Article on Bellini's Zaira

- Nicola Vaccai by Mario Villani (p.28)  (in Italian)
Article on the composer.

- Note on the recordings being produced in Ingolstadt



Newsletter 106, February 2009

- Maria Padilla by Dan Foley (p.4)
Article on Washington Concert Opera's performance of Donizetti's Maria Padilla

- A Donizetti Weekend Charles Jernigan (p.7)
Roundup of a trio of Donizetti operas over the weekend on November 7 - 9, 2008 in the US:- Washington National Opera's production of  Lucrezia Borgia, Philadelphia's Academy of Vocal Arts' Anna Bolena and and Washington Concert Opera's Maria Padilla.

- The Stuarts and their kith and kin by Alexander Weatherson (p.14)
Discussion centring on Pacini's Allan Cameron. The article can be found here.

- Réponds à  l'appel de la patrie "Oh pro'Faliero" by Stella Rollet (in French) (p.21)
Review of the Bergamo production of Donizetti's Marin Faliero

- Gems of Irish Opera by Douglas M. Bennett (p.24)
Article on the recent concert in Dublin that included Balfe's The Sleeping Queen.

- Falstaff by Geerd Heinsen (in German) (p.27)
Article on Balfe's Falstaff, given last year in Dublin when it was reviewed here by Basil Walsh. 

- 50 Years of Joan Sutherland's Lucia by Alan Jackson (p.31)
An appreciation of Joan Sutherland's Lucia, 50 years after she first sang it on 17th February, 1959.

- The Knight of the Leopard by Pip Clayton (p.33)
No. 8 in his series of Opera in London during the Nineteenth Century


Newsletter 107, June 2009

- Una felice Stuarda a Catania by Guido Schillaci (in Italian) (p.6)
Article on a performance of Donizetti's Maria Stuarda

- Che boccon di pillolina... by Laura D'Alessandro (in Italian) (p.10)
Article on a performance of Donizetti's Don Pasquale at the Teatro Regio di Torino.

- Opera in London during the Nineteenth Century, no. 9 by Pip Clayton (p.14)
Article on a Sir Michael Costa, which can be viewed here.

- Re Lear, the plot by Alexander Weatherson (p.18)
Outline of the main numbers in Cagnoni's Re Lear due to be performed at this year's Festival della valle D'Itria at Martina Franca.

- Re Lear by Douglas M. Bennett (p.22)
Article looking forward to the Martina Franca performances.

- Conversazione col Professore by Chiara Plazzi (in Italian) (p.25)
Commentary on Roberto Cognazzo's book Il bis più lungo della storia e altre sbirciatine musicali.

- Gaetano Donizetti: Poliuto - Les Martyrs - I Martiri  by César A. Dillon (in Spanish) (p.27)
A performance history of these three related Donizetti operas in Buenos Aires together with contemporary press descriptions.


Newsletter 108, October 2009

- Re Lear by Anders Wiklund (p.4)
A note on Cagnoni's Re Lear and its musical sources. Anders Wiklund produced the score that was used in the performance of Re Lear at the 2009 Festivale della Valle d’Itria. The article can be found here.

- Mio Signore Venerato! by Giulia Vannoni (in Italian) (p.6)
An article on pharmaceutical aspects of operas of Donizetti's time.

- "L'Enfant du miracle" Rita and Donizetti by Alexander Weatherson (p.16)
An article on the history of Donizetti's Rita. The article may be found here.

- Il Giuramento by Dan Foley (p.23)
A review of the concert performance by Washington Concert Opera on May 31st, 2009.

- Luglio nella foresta nera con Vaccai: La sposa di Messina by Fulvio Stefano Lo Presti (in Italian) (p.25)
An article on the recent performance of Vaccai's opera at Bad Wildbad on July 18, 2009.

- G. Rossini, Pesaro 2009 by Alan Jackson (p.28)
Review the 2009 Rossini Festival at Pesaro.  See here for photographs and a short comment by Alan on one of the operas, La scala di seta.

- Nürnberg - Phänomenale Ausgrabung by Ludwig Steinbach (in German) (p.30)
A review of Donizetti's Dom Sebastien from Nürnberg.

- Crónicas del Buenos Aires de Antaño by César A. Dillon (in Spanish) (p.32)
History of Donizetti productions in Buenos Aires from 1879 - 1885.


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