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The Donizetti Society has been established since 1973 and has regularly published Newsletters over that time. The following is the list of Newsletter content between 1980 and 1984. At that time, Newsletters were smaller, less well produced and more informal with fewer substantial articles. It should also be noted that some of the topics have been overtaken by later scholarship.

You can use the "Find" facility, part of "Edit" on your browser, to search for keywords within each of those pages as well as using the Search facility on the Home page. Articles are in English unless stated otherwise.


Newsletters for 1980 (22-24)

Newsletters for 1981 (25-27)

Newsletters for 1982 (28-30)

Newsletters for 1983 (31-34)

Newsletters for 1984 (35-37)



Newsletter 22, February 1980

- Short reviews of Donizetti's Il Duca d'Alba and La Favorite in Brussels

 - La Fortuna di Donizetti in Olanda by Alexander Weatherson
An overview of past and planned Donizetti activities in Holland

- Tietjens' last night and death
A reprint from Herman Klein's The Golden Age of Opera

- Reviews of new recordings by Derek Turner
Including Donizetti's Messa da Requiem and his complete music for piano - four hands

- "On the original instruments" by Alexander Weatherson
Some comments on the original tessitura of various operas with particular reference to their creator Rubini and Bruce Brewer's recent attempts to emulate him.  See here.

- Various reviews of  Donizetti's opera Il Furioso all'isola di San Domingo given by Pro Opera


Newsletter 23, April 1980

- The Barga Festival 1980 - Olivo e Pasquale by Alexander Weatherson
Background to Donizetti's Olivo e Pasquale to be performed at the Festival.  See here

- Notable Donizetti Interpreters by David J. Samuels
The contribution of Beverly Sills to the bel canto revival. See here. Anyone interested in the career and recordings of Beverly Sills may also want to look at . Unfortunately, it is not the easiest site to find your way round but if you go to MUSIC ROOMS in the side bar, you’ll find a number of links to pages of her recordings.  The recordings are down at the bottom of each page including many live recordings not previously available.

- Obituary of Giovanna Sinah Kessler and a reprint (in German) of an article she wrote on Donizetti's Belisario

- Review of Donizetti's Requiem per Bellini by Derek Turner

- Review of Donizetti's Belisario performed by the Rotterdamse Opera, Rotterdam, May 9 &10, 1980 by Alexander Weatherson.  See here.

- List of performances of  Donizetti's Lucrezia Borgia 1946-1979


Newsletter 24, September 1980

- Opera Rara - The first ten years - Interview with Patric Schmid.  See here.

- Review of Donizetti's Olivo e Pasquale by Serge Lacabanne
The performance from the 1980 Barga Festival.  See here.

- List of Mercadante's operas



Newsletter 25, January 1981

- Bellini and Bianca e Gernando/Fernando by Alexander Weatherson
Background on Bellini's opera ahead of a performance of the opera on March 15, 1981 at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London sponsored by the Society. See here.

- Review of Maria de' Rudenz by Sidney Miller
Donizetti's opera performed at Teatro La Fenice, Venice, January 4 & 7, 1981. See here.

- Teatro della Società, Bergamo by Brian Thornton
Short piece on the sad state of the theatre and hopes for its restoration


Newsletter 26, May 1981

- Donizetti's outstanding operas by Alexander Weatherson
An overview of Donizetti operas unperformed in the modern era at that date.

 - Short review of Donizetti's Belisario, performed at the Royal Academy of Music

- Donizetti inediti per pianoforte by Pietro Spada
An introduction to a recording of Donizetti's piano works.  See here for the introduction and here for details of the recording.

- Review by John Hughes of Luciano Pavarotti - my own story 

- Short obituary of Liudmila Rossi


Newsletter 27, September 1981

- Article on Balfe and list of his operas by John R. Carter

- Review of Bellini's Bianco e Fernando by Jacques Gheusi
Pro Opera's production at the Queen Elizabeth's Hall, March 15, 1981.

- Book review: Bellini by Pierre Brunel. (Paris: Fayard, 1981)
Book review  by Alexander Weatherson

- An introduction to Donizetti's Fausta.  See here for article

- Ad libitum in bel canto opera by Brian L. Good
Consideration of different versions for different voices of particular operas.  See here for article.

- Article on the restoration of the Donizetti family tomb in Naples



Newsletter 28, January 1982

- La romanziera e l'uomo nero and its origins by Alexander Weatherson
Background on Donizetti's opera. See here for article

- Short article on William Wallace and list of his operas by John R. Carter

- Book Review: Second Empire Opera by T.J.Walsh (London: John Calder and New York: Riverrun Press, 1981)
Book Review by Ivor Guest


Newsletter 29, May 1982

- L''Esule di Roma by Alexander Weatherson
Background on Donizetti's opera.  See here for article.

- Il Duca d'Alba by Fulvio Lo Presti (in Italian).
Background on Donizetti's opera and its revival. See here for article.

- Sir Julius Benedict by Brian Brooks
Short article on Sir Julius Benedict and list of his operas by his great great grandson.  See here for article.

- Report from Buenos Aires by Juan Gherzi
Review of Donizetti's Belisario performed at the Teatro Colon, Buenos Aires, May 1981. See here for article.


Newsletter 30, October 1982

- Barbara and Carlotta Marchisio by Carlo V. Marchisio
Article on the two 19th century sisters and singers plus list of operas by Antonio Marchisio.  The author Carlo V. Marchisio was a great nephew of the sisters.  See here for main article.

- Various reviews of  Donizetti's L'Esule di Roma performed by Pro Opera, July 18, 1982 at the Queen Elizabeth's Hall, London.



Newsletter 31, January 1983

- A Pacinian Spring by Alexander Weatherson
Background on Pacini's Maria regina d'Inghilterra.  See here for article.

- Sette opera in tredici giorni by John R. Carter
Round up of Society tours to various operas in December 1982


Newsletter 32, May 1983

- Review of Pacini's Mary Tudor presented at the Camden Festival, March 25, 1983 by Opera Rara

- Articles on the 10th anniversary of the Society

- 'Il mio destino e questo...' by Alexander Weatherson
Reviews and comments upon Donizetti's Don Pasquale and Lucia di Lammermoor and Ponchielli's La gioconda at Covent Garden.  See here for article.

- Obituary of  Sidney Miller

- Reviews of recordings including Bottesini's Messa di Requiem, Donizetti's Anna Bolena
French opéra-comique recital and a set of songs by various composers

- Reviews of  books including Gaetano Donizetti by Robert Steiner-Isenman,  Il teatro Petruzzelli di Bari by Alfredo Giovane and Le carte dell' impresario by Marcello de Angelis


Newsletter 33, August 1983

- How often did they sing? by John Black
Article on the frequency that singers of Donizetti's time sang based on the 1842-3 season at Naples.  See here for article

- A review by Derek Turner of  A Book of the Zarzuela by Roger Alier and others


Newsletter 34, December 1983

- Donizetti at home by Alexander Weatherson
Article on Bergamo and a Donizetti convention held there in September 1983

- Wexford 1983 by James Allason
Short review of Wolf-Ferrari's La vedova scaltra, Donizetti's Linda di Chamounix and Marschner's Hans Heiling

- Review of a recording of  Donizetti-Mayr Musiche sacre e da camera

- Review of  Gaetano Donizetti  by Gugliemo Barblan and Bruno Zanolini

- List of operas given at the Gran Teatro del Liceo, Barcelona by Roger Alier



Newsletter 35, April 1984

- Donizetti's pianos by Ian Caddy
An article on the use of contemporary pianos for accompanying Donizetti's song.  This was written ahead of a series of concerts by Ian Caddy and Mervyn Tan and a CD is available, see here. An example of one of Donizetti's pianos can be seen here.

 - Review by Stephen Hastings of Storia del bel canto by Rodolfo Celleti


Newsletter 36, July 1984

- News from Japan by Prof. Nubo Fukuhara

- Maria de' Rudenz and Lucrezia Borgia by Fulvio Lo Presti
Reviews of two Donizetti's operas, the former in Rotterdam, March 23, 24 & 25, 1984 and Bologna, April 19, 1984.

- Unknown opera by Donizetti found  in a London basement by Will Crutchfield
Reprints of two articles on the discovery of Donizetti's Elisabeth.  Crutchfield wrote a later article giving much more detail as part of preparing the opera for a performance at the Caramoor Festival.


Newsletter 37, December  1984

- The Pro Opera - Donizetti Society collaboration
Short article on and list of past joint productions.

- The finding of two Donizettian Rifacimenti, Elisabeth and Elisabetta by Alexander Weatherson
Article relating the newly discovered Elisabeth to earlier operas by Donizetti.  See here

- Sancia di Castiglia by Stephen Hastings
Review of performances at the Teatro Donizetti, Bergamo on October 2 & 4, 1984. See here.

- Lists of operas at the Camden Festival, 1954-1984 and the Wexford Festival, 1951-1984


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